Yuma Yoshimura was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1980.

He received a B.F.A from the Department of Painting, Tama Art University in 2004, and currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.
His main solo exhibitions include: ''In-to-You'' (2011/ A Word of Art/ Cape Town), "The Burning Silence" (2013/ Montana Gallery/ Barcelona), "beyond the shapes"(2017/ Calm&Punk Gallery/ Tokyo), And "ushirotoka-mukanai" (2022/ TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY/ Tokyo)

He creates two-dimensional, semi-dimensional and installation works using mainly aluminum and wood, based on the elements of form and inscape, searching for the relation of the inner world of himself with outer world.
He started to operate the alternative space ‘’MONO.LOGUES’’ in 2021.