My work explores the relationship between the inner and outer world and reflects the essence of the connection between these two worlds. Living together within an increasingly information-oriented society, it sometimes feels as if our relations consist of blindly colliding with or merely passing by each other. My work seeks to visualize inner and outer connections by incorporating personal anecdotes, past experiences and an indescribable sense of incongruence.

To examine the above concept, which I call "the inscape portrait", I use aluminium and monochromatic support structures to create two- and three-dimensional works, occasionally incorporating spatiality to construct installations. Throughout these different modes of visual expression, I create my work with the same underlining perspective. My visual language has been greatly influenced by African masks and jewelry, as well as tribal tattoos, all of which represent spiritual beliefs. Even without fully grasping their culture-specific meanings, the expressiveness of such designs created with sweeping lines and striking forms leaves me with an elated feeling, so complex it transcends words. Furthermore, I believe that the process of interpreting the spirituality embedded in such art forms through my own subjectivity supports the conceptual framework of my practice.

Unraveling the concept of the inscape portrait, I sketch out numerous boundary lines onto the support surface, seeing this process as a way of ‘feeling my way through the dark in search of ideas and thinking through tactile experiences'. I explore my inner world within the drawn boundaries and the outer world on the other side of these borders simultaneously. By doing so, the external becomes integrated into the inner world, and a new outer world reveals itself beyond the other border. By continually repeating this process of finding the inner self in the outer realities and merging the internal and the external, the boundary eventually loses its meaning. Moreover, my exploration of the true nature of inner and outer connections manifests in much the same way as fossils surface, as 'psychological landscapes depicted within shapes' and 'shapes within psychological landscapes'. These works are the embodiment of my 'action', and they represent scenes often overlooked and the ways we live and navigate through the world around us.